• Data Analysis

    Data in the oil and gas industry comes from many distributed sources and a variety of formats. We bring order into your data and develop tools for you so that the routine analysis takes minutes instead of days.

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  • TecMod Box
  • TecMod

    TecMod integrates a sophisticated geological process model with an optimization engine. Sedimentation, flexure, isostacy, underplating, sills, multiple rifting, multiple breakup. You name it - it's all there.

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  • Case Study Books
  • Case Studies

    Build on our expertise in basin reconstruction and petroleum system analysis. Get access to our standard and custom tools. Outsource case studies to us.

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GeoModelling Solutions

GeoModelling Solutions develops tailored numerical models and performs case studies.
Realistic and reliable numerical simulations of geological processes require solid interdisciplinary know-how in the fields of geology and applied mathematics. GeoModelling Solutions performs for its clients numerical simulations in the form of case studies or sensitivity analyses.

GeoModelling Solutions guarantees reliable and competent execution of the simulations, which are performed by professionals with in depth knowledge of geology and applied mathematics.

In the field of sedimentary basin restoration GeoModelling Solutions has successfully performed case studies on 5 continents and helped the customers to assess the hydrocarbon potential. Thanks to our advanced software tools we are able to perform case studies on short notice.

GeoModelling Solutions has access to a large number of geological and numerical experts, which guarantees that the specific problem is solved as fast as possible and as accurately as possible. GeoModelling Solutions is known for introducing more physics, at the same time facilitating code handling, improving speed, and finally providing a better understanding of the involved processes.