Smart Tectonics

Smart tectonics is a collaboration between GeoModelling Solutions and the Geodynamics group of Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. We bring the next generation computer models to the market that allow for realistic mechanical models of sedimentary basins, tectonics, and salt movement.


  • 2D and 3D modeling of tectonics.
  • Fully dynamic backstripping (thermomechanical modeling).
  • Realistic rock properties (seamless handling of elastic, plastic and viscous deformation behavior).
  • Data assimilation plugins (seismic, potential field, temperature and stress field data).
  • Probabilistic parameter prediction (stress state, failure zones, reservoir properties)


Smart Tectonics

3D salt tectonics with realistic visco–elasto–plastic rock properties. For a given basement topography and tectonic regime, we can evaluate salt tectonics scenarios in three dimensions. The tectonic boundary conditions can vary with time and surface processes such as known sedimentation rates are incorporated in a consistent manner. The geometry and all key parameters such as temperature, deformation rates, strain, and stress can be investigated in every point in space and time. Modern computing technologies allow for systematic runs and probability assessment.