Petroleum System Analysis

GeoModelling Solutions has conducted numerous petroleum system analysis largely focusing on the Norwegian continental shelf. Our unique approach to PSA not only uses traditional PSA tools but also combines multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-stage models to match known observations and make predictions ranging all the way from the prospect to basin scale.

PSA highlights

  • Collation of available data in the area of interest from multiple sources.
  • Integration of pressure, erosion, fault and hydrocarbon data into the model.
  • Multi-stage migration models.
  • Fault and seal property evolution through time.
  • Juxtaposition analysis along major migration pathways into the area of interest.
  • Generation and implementation of paleo-tilt maps to investigate hydrocarbon remigration.
  • Integrate thermal models obtained from basin models.


The model shows migration pathways and present-day accumulations on the BCU surface in the southern Halten region. The best-fit of accumulation size and type to observations is obtained only when a multi-stage model with evolving fault properties is used. Additionally, hydrocarbon GOR in accumulations is improved when the complex thermal evolution of sediments obtained from a basin model (TecMod) is implemented.