• psa
  • Petroleum Systems Analysis

    Multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-stage models from the basin to prospect scale.

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  • TecMod Box
  • TecMod

    TecMod combines a sophisticated geological process model with an optimization engine. Sedimentation, flexure, isostacy, underplating, sills, multiple rifting, multiple breakup. You name it - it's all there.

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  • Case Study Books
  • Case Studies

    Build on our expertise in numerical modelling, basin reconstruction and petroleum system analysis. Get access to our standard and custom tools or outsource case studies to us.

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  • sill_close3_mod
  • Sill Models

    Client-specific custom models investigating the effects of sill intrusions on organic matter maturation and hydrocarbon migration.

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  • Smart Tectonics
  • Smart Tectonics

    2D and 3D modeling of tectonics and salt movement. The next generation numerical models.

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  • Large Scale 3D Models

    Unique custom models when no other tools exist for the problem.

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  • Data Analysis

    Data in the oil and gas industry comes from many distributed sources and a variety of formats. We bring order into your data and develop tools for you so that the routine analysis takes minutes instead of days.

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GeoModelling Solutions

GeoModelling Solutions performs petroleum systems analysis in addition to developing tailored numerical models and case studies based on the clients’ needs. Realistic and reliable numerical simulations of geological processes require solid interdisciplinary know-how in the fields of geology and applied mathematics. GeoModelling Solutions guarantees reliable and competent execution of the simulations which are performed by professionals with in depth knowledge of geology and applied mathematics.


smart_tectonics_frontSmart tectonics is a consortium of Geomodelling Solutions (GMS) and the Geodynamics group of Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) of Mainz to tackle advanced problems related to salt tectonics. Read more Thermal influence of a moving ridge on nearby sedimentary basins. Important for breakup and transform systems. 3D finite element model. Custom model built for client. Results were delivered in less than a week from first client contact. Project collaboration between GeoModelling Solutions GmbH (GMS), Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research AS (VBPR) and the Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR). We will develop a large scale thermal model that quantifies how ridges, transforms, and the Iceland hot-spot influence the Jan Mayen Microcontinent. Read more